Job Information
Neuro Hospitalist needed in Eastern South Carolina!
Job Type: Locum Tenens
Specialty: Hospitalist
Job Shift: Days
Posted: 06/12/2018
Accepted Provider Types: Medical Doctor (MD), Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)
Job Location: Eastern South Carolina
Board Certification Requirements: 
Job Status
Job Status: Open
Start Publishing: 06/12/2018
Open Positions: 1
Stop Publishing: 06/12/2019
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- 3 Neuro Hospitalists (1) Full time and (2) Part time 

-1 Nurse Practitioner (Monday-Friday)

-Monday-Sunday 7on/7off 8a-8p

-14 to 19 patients daily, working with part-time Neuro Hospitalist and NP

-Consults only

-8am to 6pm: Neuro Hospitalists respond to the IN House Stroke Alerts only.  After 6pm: Rapid Response Nurse responds and the attending physician or On-Call physician is notified (Hospitalist or Intensivist)

-All Stroke Alerts that come through the ED are REACHed (Remote Evaluation of Acute Ischemic Stroke)(TeleStroke with MUSC)

-They do not take call



By applying to this job online, I authorize Hospitalists Plus to conduct background and reference checks on me regarding any information related to possible placement as a healthcare provider. This includes information on my education, licensing, work history, Medicare/Medicaid sanctions, malpractice claims and insurance eligibility, and criminal history. Hospitalists Plus may gather the information from various sources including, but not limited to, consumer reporting agencies, hospitals, medical institutions or organizations, personal references, physicians, employers (past and present), business and professional associates (past and present), governmental agencies and instrumentalities (local, state, federal, or foreign), university transcript offices, medical schools, and the Office of the Inspector General.

I authorize Hospitalists Plus to confirm information contained on any document that I provide Hospitalists Plus, including my curriculum vitae. I consent to Hospitalists Plus sharing this information with Hospitalists Plus clients and affiliates. I understand that upon my request Hospitalists Plus will disclose the nature and scope of information contained in my file in accordance with federal law. A request for disclosure of information in my file must be made in writing and directed to my recruiting consultant.

I authorize the above-named entities and individuals to release to state licensing boards, hospitals, and Hospitalists Plus, any information (written or oral), including medical information, files or records about me in their possession required for evaluation of my qualifications for placement as a locum tenens provider. I hereby release the above-named individuals and entities, including Hospitalists Plus, from all liability for the release of information to any state licensing board, hospital, or its agents.

I further authorize Hospitalists Plus, its agents, and affiliates to release this information, including medical information, to federal, state, county, or local government entities, hospitals or other healthcare facilities, insurance providers or any other person upon showing that the release of information is vital to the general public’s health, safety and welfare.

I make this release for the purpose of allowing Hospitalists Plus to assist in my request for a license to practice in my specialty and/or to assist in my efforts to work as a healthcare provider for Hospitalists Plus clients.

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