Provider Testimonials

I recommend HospitalistsPlus. They are friendly, professional, and attentive to my needs as an Physicians Assistant. The credentialing and logistics team were excellent to work with as we made sure I was ready for the assignment.


Working as a locum tenens doctor can be very stressful and wear thin on one's patience. Travel, concerns about being paid by third parties, being sent to locations that are unfavorable, and not being able to talk to the staffing company once I am on-site are all things that add to the normal stress of being an Hospitalist. I am so glad I found HospitalistsPlus! I have never had such an enjoyable and stress free experience. The team introduced me to a couple of opportunities and let me choose, made sure I had all my licenses and credentials in order, arranged my travel, and gave me an emergency number to call in case of problems. And it's a good thing they did, the hotel lost my reservation and was fully booked. I called the emergency number, talked to a live person at 10:30pm and within 30 minutes I had a room booked and paid for at the hotel next door. I have no problem recommending the team at HospitalistsPlus to my colleagues.

Dr. Barbara

After coming back from a year of maternity leave I was concerned about getting back into the workforce. H+ put my mind at ease, we found some local Locum Tenens work for me and they helped me update my license and had me credentialed within a few weeks. It really put my mind at ease.

Dr Susans (MI)

HospitalistsPlus is 100% dedicated to the staffing of Hospital Medicine, with more than 30years combined experience, we have held the reputation as leaders in health care staffing for the past decade.


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