Communication is paramount and in order to simplify the process our clients and providers receive a single point of contact. Busy healthcare professionals rely on our ability to maintain Provider relationships in order to place Hospitalists on very little notice thus ensuring coverage in emergency situations. There are no nickel and dime fees; just clear and concise weekly invoices. Medical Malpractice insurance is also available at no additional cost.

By leveraging the latest technologies and by always ensuring that our team understands the importance of relationship building we are able to strike that balance of keeping in touch with our clients and providers, without losing sight of what's important, and that each individual's specific needs and wants are being met. When you call 1(855) 303-PLUS(7587) you will speak to an actual H+ employee. And once "in the family" you will be given access to a 24 hour hotline number that is answered by a live H+ employee to help with your urgent need.

As we strive to add new ways to make us more efficient and allow us to answer questions and needs faster we will always keep in mind that at the end of the day it's a human that needs to be communicated with and helped.


HospitalistsPlus is 100% dedicated to the staffing of Hospital Medicine, with more than 30years combined experience, we have held the reputation as leaders in health care staffing for the past decade.


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